Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our fifth FIRST birthday!

Delia's 1!!!
For her first birthday, we had a tea party. Finger sandwiches, chips, grapes, and apple slices.
  Here is her tea party cake.

 And her tea party dishes.
 J.J. asserts his growing up capabilities.
 Delia ate her cake (a little). She mostly just grabbed the cake by the handfuls and then acted disgusted before she shook her hand like a wet dog to get off the yuckies. Needless to say, we had our hands full without cameras for this part.
Here she is opening her present from grammy and pappy Ford.
Originally this was going to be an Alice in Wonderland whimsical tea party party. I had cut and frosted and fondanted :) a mad hatter shaped bottom layer and it was sitting on the counter while Conference was on. While we were listening and watching the leaders of our church speak, someone sneaked downstairs and got their grubby little hands on the cake. I won't say who... but I think you call can guess anyway. Ah, ah, ah-chooase!


Jilly Bean said...

She's a doll! Your cakes are really cute. The tea party theme is fun. I like the pictures of your family. I like seeing your home. It looks happy and comfortable.

Great video taping by JJ! Those rascals all took Delia's birthday toy! Those boys better take good care of their little sis. ;)

kiddle97 said...

Ah, happy birthday! I loved the information about instructions. They sound so... destructive! :)

gabby said...

Wow Melinda your kids are so cute! Beautiful family

Gaby Santana

Kristy's Garden said...

I loooove this post and your pictures of Delia's tea party birthday! I love how all Delia's big brothers like to play with her birthday toys. I saw Delia swaying to the music. Your tea party cake was so clever ..... sweet Chase! I love you and miss you all soooo much.
Thank you for posting all these pictures.... I have watched the video at least 100 times!